AppCraver reviewed our VECTROS on their site. The reviewer sounds quite like VECTROS.

“Similar to TRON, I like VECTROS as well. Call me Neo or just a gamer out for a good time, but the look and feel of this game is solid.”

VECTROS is very well designed and provides you with easily distinguishable lines or vector art.”

“For its well-designed vector art, extreme rate of movement and sweet sounds from Ogura Hisayoshi Onga Seisakushow, VECTROS is a solid option for those who love sci-fi, fighters and the future.”

Read the full review by AppCraver.

VECTROS is available from Apple AppStore.

Silent Errors (Vectros Original Soundtrack) – EP created by Ogura Hisayoshi Onga Seisakushow can also be downloaded from Apple AppStore.