This is a 3D shooting game focusing on simple operation and a feeling of exhilaration.

You can operate your ship, Vectros, and fight in your enemy’s fortress and the headquarters.
Move your ship and defeat enemies including a powerful boss character, the new weapon of Mars, in addition to normal enemies.

Operating instruction:
Operate your ship by tilting your iPhone.

The two buttons on the lower left have different uses, Blaster and Homing Shot.

Blaster Shot:
Normal shots are able to keep blazing away as you press this button.

This is a reliable weapon as it’s well suited for burst fire and you don’t need to worry about the number of bullets available.
This weapon’s functionality is popular in this age, but Vectros’ model is lavishly produced with artisan skill, money being no object in enhancing its burst fire capability.
Therefore, the maintenance cost has skyrocketed and it is unsuitable for mass-production.

Homing Shot:
The latest weapon produced just for Vectros.

It discharges a mass of converging energy rather than physical bullets, and follows your marks using a homing device which links a pilot’s thought to his ship’s sensors.
It automatically follows your enemies, 10 shots at a time. It keeps following your enemies even if they escape off the screen, if they stay close.
Limited in use, and recovered by obtaining an “H” item.
Because you can get a score three times higher than normal when you defeat an enemy using Homing shot, defeating high scoring enemies in one blow is a key to getting required scores.

A protection device covering your entire ship with an energy field. It’s also called a “barrier.”

Vectros was designed to have a shield so that the ship armor could be slim, and the space saved was devoting weapons and engines instead. Therefore, the game ends and your ship is destroyed if you are attacked with 0 shield energy.
You can recover it by obtaining the “S” item.
At the end of each area, you get bonus points based on your remaining shield energy.


A new state-of-the-art prototype fighter operated by a pilot you control.

Vectros was developed by Mars, an enemy of Earth. Earth acquired it from Mars, and put it into the field after some enhancement.
Although Vectros is a powerful ship armed with the latest weapons, its effectiveness depends on the skill of its pilot. Since mass production is difficult, it must be fielded alone in practice (although supporting aircraft do exist). It’s an ultimate test of skill to operate despite being high performance.


Red shutters on aisles are indestructible obstacles.

You need to avoid these obstacles using good timing.