A future over 100 years from now…
Humans have colonized Mars, and successfully built new power plants.
They believed that the solutions to the serious energy problems of the 21st century were right around the corner,

however, a worlds spanning war between Mars and Earth has broken out over the energy resources.

Contrary to the expectation of Earth’s leaders,

Mars has an advantage in the war, having acquired a powerful military force armed with new weapons developed from the same technology as was used to settle the planet and exploit its energy resources,

and the allied Earth forces centered around a certain superpower are on the defensive.

As one misfortune followed another, Mars is about to multiply its war capacity by turning to androids, developed and used for colonizing the planet, for their military forces.

Using “Monolith,” a secret division of special force operatives, the allied Earth forces have acquired from Mars a new prototype fighter, “VECTROS,” and its android pilot, “Cynthia,” for the sake of breaking the deadlock.

The combination of “Cynthia” and “VECTROS” surpass by far current military standards.

The allied Earth forces have broken deep into the enemy’s territory with this unbeatable force, and have decided to launch a pinpoint assault on the development facility for Martian weapons and energy plants…